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I am the secretary of our apartment complex and it’s time for the regular repainting for our buildings. However the last time around I had a bitter experience with my contractor who left the whole place untidy after the work. Your views on that?

See, our job is to make your property look better than before. So we do not just exit after finishing our work, but rather make sure to leave the site in exactly the same clean condition as before. Otherwise, the whole purpose of refurbishing gets lost by first impressions. Select us this time and see […]

We have a manufacturing facility and are looking for a quick refurbishing job at our place. However our condition is that you have to complete the whole job during the weekend so that our production does not get hampered. Can you do that?

Nothing is impossible from our end and we’ve already delivered similar projects in the past. Please send us your details so that we can immediately get in touch with you over this. Thanks!

I want to get the signage at our private resort to show better markings. Can you guys provide us with these?

We follow all the latest technology and are well-versed with the current innovations. You can safely depend on us to install well-marked signage that will come in handy even during the night hours.

I only have a small requirement. Will you still be able to work?

We consider no job too small. You are most welcome to consult us for any property painting and maintenance requirements in and around Melbourne.

Do I have to buy the raw materials myself?

You can wash your hands off the entire work since we can comfortably handle both the labour and the material aspects. Alternatively, you can purchase the materials as per your budget and supply us the same. It completely depends on your choice.

Can you assure us proper safety procedures?

Our workers undergo intensive training through our in-house WHS safety guidelines and hand books. The safety and health concerns of our clients, workers and the general public are of prime importance to us. We assess the risks of every job we undertake and act accordingly.

Do you have necessary insurances?

From Product Insurance to Public Liability to Home Warranty Insurance – we have all the required insurances.

Are you comfortable working in environments with a lot of people around?

Yes, from homes, to offices, to commercial complexes, we have worked in all kinds of places with a lot of people around us. Finishing our work smoothly comes naturally to us.

What is the range of services that I can get from you?

Painters, Plasterers, Carpenters, Roofers, Builders, Joiners and other Handy man services are something that we can always offer you. We are open to collaborate with your other contractors, but even if you don’t have them you need not worry. We have good working relationships with established plumbers, electricians and flooring contractors whom we can pool […]

Can you give me a free quote?

You are most welcome! Exterior Painting will be most happy to offer you one! Just click on the Free Quote section to get one.